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We’ve all heard of PPI claims, but what about Plevin PPI? You may be owed a refund and not realise it!
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What is a Plevin claim? Find out if you’re owed up to £40,000* for Plevin PPI for Free!

Your lender may have incorrectly taken money from you – time to get it back! It’s being called ‘Plevin PPI’, and it means anyone who ever had a policy – even if they already claimed – could be owed a considerable refund from their lender.

You could STILL be owed up to £40,000 if:

  • You’ve already claimed for a PPI policy – you could now be owed even more!**
  • You ever had a PPI policy, even if you didn’t feel it was ‘mis-sold’.
  • You don’t remember if you had a PPI policy – a lot of people had this without knowing it!

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis explain Plevin PPI in this short YouTube video: Click Here

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*The facts and figures provided come from reputable news websites and other sources:,,,,,,

**You won’t be able to make a further claim if you have already received a full and final settlement.

3 Simple Steps

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Start your claim in less than two minutes! Simply tell us any lender you may have had an account with

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We'll investigate & check if you had Plevin PPI for free!

Step 3

If have PPI we'll refer you to one of our panel law firms who will legally challenge your lender for compensation

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royal court of justice

A new PPI court ruling in April 2021 revealed how the banks used YOUR MONEY to earn hefty commissions for themselves.

Strangely, they forgot to mention the secret commissions they kept when the original PPI rulings came out.

Now the Courts have said that any commission they have earned by selling PPI policies is potentially YOURS.

This ruling saw the complainant awarded £7,954 in compensation for the commission alone. This includes fees and interest that accrued over the years. And it’s estimated that other people who had PPI policies will be owed from £1,000 up to £40,000 in compensation. We can find out if you’re owed money – for free!

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You don’t need to use Your Claim Matters to check if you had Plevin PPI, you can contact the lender direct or you could use another claims management company. There is no charge to cancel the Plevin PPI checking service. Where we identify you may be able to make a Plevin PPI claim we will recommend you to one of our panel of law firms who will contact your lender. If your lender defends their position the law firm will look to issue Court proceedings against the lender on your behalf. You don’t have to use the law firm we recommend, you can use a law firm of your choice or you can approach the Financial Ombudsman Service for free advice or you can contact your lender. The law firm will charge a fee if your claim is successful. Typically customers pay up to 40% plus VAT (up to 48% in total) of the amount recovered although this may vary according to individual circumstances. If you cancel after the 14 day cooling off period they may charge a cancellation fee. The law firm should explain their fees in the documentation they share with you. We will receive an introducer fee from the law firm if you go ahead, this fee is not payable by you. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page to view our Terms & Conditions and Key Facts for this service.